Conference: Invitation to Mathematics

The department of Mathematics at the Texas Southern University will hold a conference on 9/22/2018-9/23/2018 with a tentative title ‘Invitation to Mathematics’
Goals of the conference are 
  • introduce undergraduates to the research  world in mathematics;
  • encourage students from underrepresented minority group to pursue Ph.D program in Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences; 
  •  show possible career paths with a math degree; and 
  •  provide an opportunity for undergraduates and graduates from underrepresented minority group to interact with peers from other institutions.

The conference will consist of a list of research talks, a poster session, a panel discussion session that with a focus on addressing possible career paths with a math degree.

Invited Speakers and panelists:

Illya V. Hicks (Rice University)

Adriana Perez (University of Texas)

Jianzhong Su (University of Texas at Arlington)

Christina Eubanks-Turner (Loyola Marymount University)

Talitha Washington (Howard University)

Ken W. Smith (Sam Houston State University)

Mark Tomforde (University of Houston)

Panelists from Industry:

Pamela Denkins (NASA)

Paulette N. Willis (Kumon)

Application for Travel support. We have secured a limited amount of fund to support graduate and undergraduate students’ hotel rooms and meals. If you are interested, please send the following items to Yunjiao Wang ( at CV (2 pages max); (2) One recommendation letter. All supported students are required to present a poster on their research.

Registration. TBA


Azime S. Saydam (chair)

Roderick Holmes(co-chair)

Yunjiao Wang (co-chair)

Nancy Glenn Grisinger

Willie Taylor

Ilia Jegdic

Robert Nehs

Victor Obot

Jahmario Williams

Demetrios Kazakos

Tong Wu

Maurice Ekwo

Joan Evans

Cher Crockett

See the conference page for updates