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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a minor in Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics offers courses in Mathematics (MATH), the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree in Mathematics and a minor in Mathematics for students majoring in other academic disciplines at the University.

The Mathematics program Student Learning Outcomes are to

  • Exhibit understanding of advanced mathematical concepts and analytical
  • Master the essentials of calculus sufficiently to apply those skills in more advanced mathematics
  • Use mathematical modeling to solve problems from fields such as natural sciences, social sciences, business and
  • Apply knowledge relating to set theory, functions, and equivalence relation to advanced mathematics
  • Write mathematical proofs when required in upper level and advanced mathematics
  • Understand the concepts of random variable, distribution functions, and theoretical versus, simulated probability and apply them to real world

Students wishing to pursue the B.S. Degree in Mathematics are required to declare a minor or a major in a second academic discipline. All courses completed that are designated for the minor selected must be completed with grades of “C” or better, where grades of “C-” are unacceptable. In selecting a minor, majors should seek detailed advisement from their designated advisors because the selection of a minor having representative courses in the core curriculum of study could impact the total number of credits required. In no case will students qualify for graduation at the undergraduate level with fewer than 121 semester credit hours satisfactorily completed.

Requirements for both the B.S. in Mathematics and the minor in Mathematics are summarized below. As is the case for courses designated in the minor in other disciplines selected by students pursuing the B.S. in Mathematics, grades of “C” or better, where grades of “C-” are unacceptable, are required in all Mathematics courses designated for the B.S. in Mathematics or major. This is also the case for students in other disciplines seeking the minor in Mathematics. Students wishing to pursue either a major (B.S.) or minor in Mathematics must first be admitted to the University, must satisfy TSI Assessment requirements, must eradicate deficiencies assessed at the time of admission through the University Testing Center, and must petition the Department for admission as TSI Assessment requirements or equivalent are completed. Once admitted to the Department, students are assigned an official advisor who must be consulted on a semester or term basis for schedule approval and status verification for progress toward graduation. An exit examination is required of all graduating seniors pursuing the B.S. in Mathematics. In summary, students must first gain admission to the University; must meet their TSI Assessment or equivalent responsibility; and must petition the Department for admission as TSI Assessment requirements are met.

Individuals interested in seeking certification for teaching Mathematics in the public schools of Texas should contact the Teacher Certification Officer in the College of Education at Texas Southern University for application instructions. Mathematics courses used in the certification process must be approved through the Department.

For the minor in Mathematics, 24 semester credit hours are required through enrollment in the following courses: MATH 241 (4 credits); MATH 242 (4 credits); MATH 243 (4 credits); MATH 250 (3 credits); MATH 331 (3 credits); either MATH 251 (3 credits) or MATH 439 (3 credits); and one additional 300-Level or 400-Level Math course. The minimum grade requirement for each of these courses is referenced above.