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Current Grants

PI Name/Co-PI Name(s) Title of Grant/Sub-contract
Dr. A. Saydam 1. Targeted Infusion Project:  Establishment of an Undergraduate Peer- Mentor Project-Based Program in STEM at Texas Southern University Award Number:1719318; Principal Investigator: Alamelu Sundaresan; Co-Principal Investigator: John Sapp, Azime Serpil Saydam, Bernnell Peltier-Glaze, Mark Harvey; Organization: Texas Southern University; NSF Organization; HRD ; Start 6/1/2017 Amount:$460,399.

2. Collaborative Research: Improving Access to Career and Educational Development for Talented, Low-income Students through the Flexible Internships-Research-Education Mode, Award Number: 2130317; Principal Investigator: Azime Serpil Saydam; Co-Principal Investigator: Lila Ghemri; Graham Thomas; Organization; Texas Southern University; NSF Organization; Start 10/15/2021; Amount 954,605
Dr. N. Glenn Griesinger 1. TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) Co-PI with Dr. Mark Harvey, PI., $100,000/yr
Dr. Yunjiao Wang 1. NSF(CNS-1831980)-Excellence in Research:  Collaborative Research: Strengthen the Foundation of Big Data Analytics via Interdisciplinary Research among HBCUs ($466,515) 10/1/2018-9/30/2021, PI at TSU Yunjiao Wang; Co-PI at TSU: Daniel Vrinceanu, Leading Institution: Prairie View A&M, PI: Lei Huang

2. Partner in a 2019 University of South Florida Nexus Initiative (UNI) Award.

3. NSF – Research Initiation Award: Studying the Dynamics of Network Systems by Using Ordinary Differential Equations and Boolean Frameworks (\$283,194). 5/1/2018 – 4/30/2022, PI.
Dr. Willie Taylor 1. PPACE with Howard University;

2. supplemental with Dr. Wang