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Math 2352: Introduction to Operations Research

Course description: Problems on how to use limited resource in an optimal way are ubiquitous. Operation research provides tools for modeling and analysis of such problems. This course gives a survey on operation research field. Namely, it introduces the simplex method of linear programming, decision analysis, queueing theory and inventory theory.

Prerequisite: College Algebra

Course textbook: Introduction to Operations Research, Frederick S. Hiller and Gerald J. Lieberman, McGraw Hill Education, Tenth Edition.

Course Content:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Overview of the operations research Modeling approach

Chapter 3: Introduction to Linear Programming

Chapter 4: Solving Linear Programming Problem: The Simplex Method

Chapter 5: The theory of the simplex method (optional) – this chapter requires knowledge on matrices.

Chapter 16: Decision Analysis

Chapter 17: Queueing theory

Chapter 18: Inventory theory

Chapter 20: Simulation