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Mission and Vision

The Mission of the Mathematics Department is to provide students with the necessary mathematical preparation to pursue their chosen field of study, and deal with mathematical processes and skills needed for everyday living; and, to develop in all students matriculating through the Mathematics Department an awareness of and appreciation for the role of Mathematics in the modern world. In the realization of this mission, students are prepared to enter graduate school, to teach at the elementary and secondary level, for negotiating the rigors of various curriculum of study that are dependent upon the understanding of mathematical processes, and to use quantitative and logical reasoning abilities needed for citizenship, for working in industry, the government, business, and other areas.

The goals of the Mathematics program are the following:

  • The graduate will develop learning and acquire a firm foundation of knowledge of fundamental mathematical concepts, methods, reasoning and language sufficient to support further academic work or a career in an area that requires mathematical understanding.
  • The graduate will exhibit understanding of advanced mathematical concepts and analytical skills, and also utilize appropriate technology to develop models for solving problems and analyzing new situations, both in mathematics and in areas that use