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Talk by Dr. Ana Paula Dias (2-3pm, 9/23/2022)

Dr. Ana Paula Dias

Time: 2pm – 3pm, 9/23/2022

Location: Zoom

Title: Coupled cell hypernetworks for identical cells and synchrony

Abstract: Coupled cell hypernetworks are introduced. These correspond to a new class of coupled cell networks  whose structure is determined by a directed hypergraph,  capturing the fact that the evolution of each cell depends (typically nonlinearly) on an interaction involving a set of cells.  We apply this framework to analyze the existence of robust synchrony in hypernetwork dynamical systems. Our approach allows to use the general ideas developed in Dias and Aguiar (2018) for the analysis of network dynamical systems with higher-order interactions. This is a joint work with Aguiar (Porto) and Bick (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam).

Biograpy: Dr. Ana Paula Dias is a professor of mathematics from University do Porto, Portugal. She received her Ph.D from Warwick University in 1997. Her research interests include bifurcation theory of dynamical systems with symmetry and theory of coupled cell systems.  Dr. Dias has published about 60 papers on top prestigious journals. She is an editor of SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems and former executive  editor of Portugaliae Mathematics