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Dr. Kresimir Josic: The hierarchical organization of the Drosophila connectome (12pm, 4/17/23, SB156)

Professor Kresimir Josic

Abstract: The Hemibrain is the largest published connectome to date. It is the result of a dense reconstruction of over twenty thousand neurons and ten million synapses spanning the fruit fly Drosophila central brain. I will describe a novel approach to uncovering the hierarchical community structure of this connectome. This approach allows us to recover previously known and reveal novel features of the organization within the fly brain. Methods such as these will be essential to interpret the forthcoming connectomics data due to its size and complexity.


Dr. Krešimir Josić is a John and Rebecca Moores Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Houston with adjunct appointments in Biology and Biochemistry at UH, and BioSciences at Rice. He received his PhD in 1999 in applied dynamical systems. Over the last 20 plus years he has worked in different areas of mathematical biology, with a focus on understanding the structure of neuronal activity, and modeling single celled organisms from the level of signaling pathways to large microbial populations.

Professor Josic has published over 100 research papers in top journals and one book,  and received over a dozen of NSF and NIH grants. He has supervised 15 postdocs and  17 Ph.D students. He has also supervised many master students, undergraduates and high school students.  In addition, he has contributes to the program Engines of Our Ingenuity which is broadcast by over 50 NPR stations nationwide.  See more in his webpage: